Mentoring: the fastest, surest way to freedom from habitual sexual sin

2020-225x150If you or your loved one struggles with habitual sexual sin or sex addiction and you’re looking for lasting freedom, you’ve come to the right place. My name is Michael Leahy and I’m a recovering sex addict. I founded BraveHearts while in the midst of my own successful recovery from sexual addiction. My goal was simple: to help others like me experience freedom in Christ from sexual addiction, and to save lives, marriages and families in the process.

From author, speaker to sexual integrity discipleship mentor

Now, 16 years into recovery and 11 years into full-time ministry, I’ve been abundantly blessed and honored that God has chosen to leverage my redemptive life story to reach millions of people worldwide through five books, hundreds of live speaking events, and countless media appearances. But the greatest ministry success of all has only taken place over the past several years as I’ve been following an unexpected detour He placed in my path to pioneer a totally new, mentoring-centric approach to Christ-centered recovery that I call “sexual integrity discipleship.”

Not just recovery, but redemption and freedom in Christ

In the process of pioneering this new, mentoring-centric approach to recovery, I’ve discovered that as I choose to make a hands-on, personal investment in helping a man in crisis, I’m actually able to help him accelerate the recovery process and shorten his recovery time by being his personal sherpa guide. In that way, I’m able to share with him my hard earned years of recovery and life experience and wisdom. It means he has the opportunity to take the most direct route to getting well, and to avoid making the same mistakes I and many others before him have made.

The results: sexual integrity, redeemed lives, saved marriages

While we’re always refining and improving the process, this new, mentoring-centric approach has led to some pretty amazing results:

The vast majority of men who complete the core one year mentoring program report:

  • dramatic improvement in their ability to resist sexual temptation
  • establishment of long-term sexual sobriety
  • improvements in their marriages and relationships
  • increased understanding and capacity for healthy intimacy
Compare this to long-term sexual sobriety rates of less than 15% for those using more traditional methods, like counseling, therapy, accountability partners, 12 step groups, and short-term intensive programs, and maybe you can start to understand why I’m so excited about this new mentoring-centric approach.

What about you? Do you want to get well?

Whether you’re the one who struggles with sexual sin, or you’re their spouse or partner, the sooner you begin this journey with us, the sooner you’ll start experiencing true freedom in Christ. Christine and I are ready to get started! What about you? Do you have the courage to get well today? To be free? If so, read on to learn more.

In it with you,