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    Battling Sexual Sin?


    Finding Freedom From Sexual Sin

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    Don’t Fight It Alone.


    Finding Freedom From Sexual Sin

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    Finding Freedom From Sexual Sin

Problem: Sexual Sin

Watch this video and ask yourself "Do I see myself in Michael's story?" If you have the courage to admit you have a problem, one question remains: "Do you really want to get well?" If you do, we can help.

Pornography. Adultery. Lust.  Sexual Sin.


What You Feed Grows What You Starve Dies


Solution: Mentoring

This comprehensive sexual integrity discipleship program was developed by Michael and is based on his 17 years of recovery experience as well as personally mentoring men over the last 5 years.

Sexual Integrity Discipleship Training.

As a BraveHearts member, here are some of the program features, training tools and resources you’ll have access to:
1-on-1 Mentoring (add'l. fees apply)
Private, confidential 1-on-1 mentoring with Michael tailored to meet your specific needs. It’s the fastest route to freedom from habitual sexual sin.
World-Class Curriculum
Michael has developed a truly world-class curriculum combining materials he used in his own recovery with current best practices.
Group Mentoring
You’re invited to participate in any of our two weekly 90-minute group mentoring video conferences by phone or from your laptop or mobile device.
Curated Content
With 18 years of recovery experience, Michael curates the glut of information available on the web to help you focus in on what you need to know.
Targeted Training
Our targeted training program is designed to focus on certain areas critical to establishing long-term sexual sobriety. It’s proven and it works.
Faith-based Focus
We take a faith-based approach to recovery because we believe it’s the only way to uncover and deal with the root causes of habitual sexual sin.
Strict Accountability
All BraveHearts are taught how to hold themselves truly accountable to others, and by utilizing a variety of tools and approaches.
Private Discussion Forum
Our  Discussion Forum is a safe place where you can start discussion topics, ask questions, look for answers, or just connect with other members.
FreedomNet Advanced Training Platform
A 20-year tech industry veteran, Michael employs some of the best web-based services available for accountability, training, and communications.
LMS On-Demand Training Library
Miss a group mentoring session? No problem. Visit our LMS, where we have hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings available on demand.
Month-to-Month Commitment
We want men who want to get well. So every member pays monthly and is free to stop at any time. All we ask for is 30 days advance notice.
Spouse Support
While our focus is on helping men, we’re working hard to develop new support resources for hurting spouses and partners.


Who’s Helping You?


Meet Your Mentor

What if you had a nationally recognized sex addiction expert with 17 years of successful recovery experience as your mentor? Think that would help?


Michael Leahy is the founder and CEO of BraveHearts, a Christ-centered, mentoring-centric ministry that is helping men experience freedom from habitual sexual sin. Since starting BraveHearts in 2002, he has written 5 books, spoken to 100,000+ college students on 150 campuses, and has registered over 100 million media impressions.
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We're sure you have questions. Let's see if we can't answer some of the more obvious ones here. If you still can't find the answers you need, just contact us.

Membership & Pricing
Mentoring Basics
1-on-1 Private Mentoring
Redemptive Life Group Mentoring
Recovery Basics

Become a BraveHeart

Joining BraveHearts is a simple, 3-step process. Just click on the graphic links below and get started on your journey to freedom today.

  • 1: Choose Membership Level

    To get started, scroll down and select a membership level program from the pricing table below: Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3.

  • 2: Register on BraveHeart’s LMS

    After selecting a plan, click on the icon above to access our Membership page and register as a new user on BraveHeart’s LMS.

  • 3: Register on FreedomNet

    Finally, Michael will email you an invitation and link to signup on FreedomNet, our mentoring, accountability & communications platform.

Membership Pricing

Ready to join? Great! Just click on the membership level desired to begin your journey to freedom today! Not sure what level to join at? Check the scale below or take the test * to know for sure.

  • Membership Level 1

    $ 59
    per month
    • Best for low risk group (1-4)
    • Membership Level 1 includes:
    • 3+ hrs/wk of group mentoring
    • Mostly self-guided training
    • Group-level accountability
    • FreedomNet, LMS, Forum
  • Membership Level 2

    $ 249
    per month
    • Tailored for at risk group (5-7)
    • Membership Level 1, plus:
    • 1/2 hr/wk of 1-on-1 mentoring
    • Michael as personal mentor
    • Stronger weekly accountability
    • Ideal for ongoing maintenance
  • Membership Level 3

    $ 495
    per month
    • For High (8-10) & at risk group
    • Membership Level 1, plus:
    • 1 hr/wk of 1-on-1 mentoring
    • Michael as personal mentor
    • Intense weekly accountability
    • For first 1-2 yrs. of recovery

Membership Pricing/Risk Level Guide

One way to determine what membership level to come in at is to do a quick self-assessment of your risk level. While taking the “eyeball test”, be brutally honest with yourself regarding how much you struggle with sexual temptation and sexual sin. Another less subjective approach would be to click here and take the 25-question SAST (Sexual Addiction Screening Test).

1-4: Low Risk of Developing a Sexual Addiction
LEVEL 1 (1-4): Click here to read a description and our recommendation.
5-7: At Risk of Developing a Sexual Addiction
LEVEL 2 (5-7): Click here to read a description and our recommendation.
8-10: High Risk of Developing a Sexual Addiction
LEVEL 3 (8-10): Click here to read a description and our recommendation.

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